Making this film

Our magicians are among the best in the world, but they follow the path that is inevitable for great artists – they’ve given up a normal life to pursue their art. This theme of sacrificing for your dream created a powerful symmetry that spoke to the heart of what independent documentary filmmaking signifies to us: the vital role of art in our lives, and what we are willing to give up for it.

We made MAGICIANS over a span four years, with our greatest asset being our total commitment to making the film, seeing in our subjects’ passion something all too familiar.
After many years of establishing trust and access to this world, we often shot on our own to ensure the trust and comfort of our magicians. We knew that gaining our subjects’ complete confidence was paramount and that we were the filmmakers that understood their passion. We were rewarded with full access into their lives, careers, and rich intimate moments, allowing us to craft an engaging vérité film.

Marcie Hume

Marcie Hume (Director/Producer) began her documentary career in factual television in London. She has produced and directed a range of series for the BBC, Channel 4, National Geographic and Discovery Channel. For Channel 4, she produced Titanic: The Mission which saw modern day engineers rebuild iconic parts of the famous ship, and explored the social history of the era; Hidden Talent which used cutting-edge scientific tests to uncover latent abilities; and "Confessions of a Doctor", uncovering the social history of medicine in Britain. In the US she developed the hit Discovery Channel series "Edge of Alaska" and "Rocky Mountain Law" for Nat Geo. Along with filmmaker Christoph Baaden, her film Hood To Coast premiered at South By Southwest and was released in 350 theaters across the US through NCM Fathom in 2011.

Christoph Baaden

Christoph Baaden (Director/Producer/DP) began his film career in Berlin documenting the Rolling Stones on their 1998 Tour. Having caught the documentary bug he finished his triple major in American Studies, Politics and Media Studies in Germany before moving to the US to pursue his MFA in Film and TV Production, subsequently winning an Emmy for his Master Thesis and being named a Kodak Emerging Filmmaker at the Cannes Film Festival.

Focusing on authentic content with cinematic style, he has directed and produced documentary films for broadcasters Sony, Universal, Discovery, and Warner. Together with filmmaker Marcie Hume, his first documentary feature, Hood To Coast premiered at SXSW in 2010 and was theatrically released in January of 2011. The film is set in the passionate world of amateur sports, celebrating the tenacity and spirit of the underdog, a theme that runs through many ofhis films. In addition to his feature work, he has created short films for national brands such as HP, Dropbox, Pandora, the University of California and many others, including many non-profits.